Reports on the Chilean Constituent Process and activities of the Observatory

“An assessment of the Chilean Constituent Process”, published by the Observatory of the Chilean Consituent Process is available for download. It includes the chapters: – “Political participation and constitution-making: The case of Chile”, by Claudia Heiss, – “The Chilean Constituent Process under the Bachelet Presidency“, by Ernesto Riffo Elgueta, and – “Indigenous peoples and constituent process“, by […]

Interview with Hélène Landemore

Political theorist Hélène Landemore: Openness, and ‘taking citizens seriously’ are key to successful constitution-making Interview by Claudia Heiss for the Observatory of the Constituent Process in Chile. Hélène Landemore, Professor of Political Science at Yale University and Ph.D. from Harvard, recently visited Chile to address some of the challenges to contemporary democracy and discuss the […]

Alberto Coddou on the Chilean presidential runoff

The Chilean presidential runoff and the revival of the constitutional agenda Alberto Coddou Mc Manus Despite initial indications that Chile’s constituent process was doomed to stall with the probable election of a right-wing government, the presidential and congressional elections of 19 November have challenged the dominant narratives. On Sunday 17 December 2017, Chile will face […]

Alberto Coddou on opinion polls and constitutional issues in Chile

Opinion polls and constitutional issues: the case of Chile Alberto Coddou Mc Manus In the case of Chile, opinion polls reveal a complex relationship between public opinion and constitutional issues. By listing separately, as possible answers, ‘constitutional reforms’, ‘education’, ‘health’ and ‘criminality’, the question posed by the poll implies that the existing constitution plays no role […]

Alberto Coddou on the presidential election

The Chilean Presidential Election and the Constituent Process Alberto Coddou Mc Manus All of the candidates with the possibility of getting significant support from voters on next Sunday have a stance on constitutional affairs, which run from mayor constitutional amendments to the creation of a new constitution through a constituent assembly. This column appeared on […]

Newsletter 7 (August-September 2017)

Editorial summary The Constitutional Court undermines its own legitimacy The Constitutional Court has been part of the constitutional problem. On the one hand, it is inevitable that the delegitimization of Constitution before the citizenry would reach the authority whose role is, by definition, to guarantee its supremacy. It is particularly controversial its duty to enforce […]

Newsletter 6 (August 2017)

Editorial summary The Constitutional Court and the constitutional problem The Constitutional Court again became a matter of public controversy regarding the legitimacy of its existence, its powers, its appointment process, and its rulings in general. On this occasion the discussion took place due to the requirements submitted to the Court by a group of senators […]

Newsletter 5 (July 2017)

Editorial summary Constitutional innovation for the crisis of representation. One of the outstanding aspects of the results of the participatory stage of the constituent process carried out by the Bachelet government is the inclusion therein of new constitutional demands. The systematization of the results of the deliberations that took place in the self-convened meetings and […]

Newsletter 4 (July 2017)

Editorial summary Indigenous peoples and the Araucanía Plan. As we have noted before, the problem of the relation between the Chilean State and the indigenous peoples seems to be the area where there is agreement across almost all of the political spectrum regarding its direct connection to constitutional issues. In this regard, it is remarkable […]