The Observatory

The Observatory of the Chilean Constituent Process is a project developed, with support from the Ford Foundation, by the RED Foundation (Fundación RED), a Chilean non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the deepening of democracy. The Observatory is dedicated to monitoring and assessing the constituent process that Chile has been undergoing since at least 2011. The process, pushed forward by the civil society and later by the government, aims at replacing the 1980 Constitution, drafted and enacted under the Pinochet dictatorship and which, despite numerous amendments, has been unable to gain full legitimacy in the eyes of the citizenry and part of the political establishment.

The Observatory will monitor and offer assessments of the development of the process from the point of view of participatory democracy and values such as transparency, inclusion and deliberation, examining the social, political, institutional, and legal conditions which favor or hinder its progress along those lines.

Team and Consultants 

  • Ernesto Riffo Elgueta – Director, Monitoring Coordinator
  • Alberto Coddou MacManus – Coordinator of content and consultancies
  • Claudia Heiss – Advisor
  • Jorge Contesse – Consultant
  • Cristián Sanhueza – Consultant
  • Rodrigo Espinoza Troncoso (Ayudante de Investigación)
  • Daniela Fuentes Vicente (Ayudante de Investigación)
  • Leonardo Ortiz Mesías (Ayudante de Investigación)

Fundación RED Foundation Board of Directors | Claudia Heiss, Lieta Vivaldi, Camila Cociña, José Gabriel Palma, Juan Gabriel Valdés


Funding | The Observatory is supported by the Ford Foundation through grant number 0165-1225.